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Plaid ponchos are awesome! I really love plaid and definitely this royal blue color. It is perfect for the winter or just any cold days. I know that the poncho will be worn a lot for sure. ♻️
I wore the plaid poncho ( that was a Christmas gift for me from my cousin. I also wore a blue scarf to keep my neck warm. You can basically wear any top and pants with it. I wore a Forever21 shirt and pants. The heel booties is from Forever21 as well. 
Photographer πŸ“·: @Jeffrey0705


xoxo Tammyxlee


Winter time is officially here! It is getting colder and colder each day everywhere. I know it is snowing a lot in other places around the world right now, so I shouldn't be complaining at all. The weather in San Francisco isn't too bad right now. It has been cold and rainy, but at least there's no snow here. I changed up my hair color to purple because I am in love with the color. I wanted purple hair for THE Longest time. It was one of my hair goals by the end of this year of 2015. It's my favorite color and my blonde hair was just too boring for me. I will probably go lighter purple eventually. 

 It was a chilly day with a little bit of sun.  I wore my warm white bomber jacket from Forever21, Lola Lora Sport Top from, joggers, and my Zooshoo sneaker. This look is very casual and comfortable. It is good for a lazy day or a hangout day with some friends. Pairing this whole outfit with an infinity scarf would keep your neck even warmer also. 


Accessories can really be one of the things that makes your outfit look so nice effortlessly. If you feel like your outfit is too plain or simple, you can put on any accessories that you want to wear to make your outfit stand out more. It could be statement necklaces, layered necklaces, bracelets, watches, sunglasses, and many more.
One of my favorite holidays is coming. Time is ticking and Christmas is coming! If you don't know what to get for some special people in your life, here is a gift idea. Everybody loves different types of accessories. It really describes the type of person they are through what people wear or how they wear things. Each person is unique. There are many variety of watches to choose from that fits your personality or your friend's & family's style.  

Here I am wearing a simple, but warm turtleneck sweater (from, black leggings, and also black platform shoes (from H& I am wearing Youtuber, Sophia Chang's velour l…

FALLin in love with the fall πŸ’•πŸπŸ‚

FALLin in love with the fall season πŸ’•πŸπŸ‚  
This is another fall outfit I love to wear. It is something that will keep you warm from day to night. But if it does get hot, you can always take off the coat and stick to wear the shirt dress. Both of these items are pretty light, but still keep you warm. To top off the look, I wore the knee high heel boots. 

Fuzzy faux fur coat: @hm   Striped shirt dress: DeColores store  Knee high heel boots: 
πŸ“·: @awet  FALL LOOKBOOK 2015:


πŸ‚πŸFALLπŸπŸ‚ is OFFICIALLY here even though the weather might not feel like it is right now. It is still pretty warm and hot out in California. I personally love the fall time because you get to bust out all the soft cozy clothes for the season for awhile. Something I have been obsessed with a lot recently are sweater/shirt dresses and heel booties because they look so cute. They're also great for the fall time. The sweater dress and the heel booties are very comfortable to wear out to either a casual place like hanging out with friends or casual dinner or even other fun fashion events around your area.

My #OOTD:  πŸ”·  Khaki sweater dress = H&M πŸ”· Rose Gold Bracelet = H&M  πŸ”· Taupe Heel Booties =
Photographer/Bestfriend: Clariza ( from glitzandglitch on Instagram ) 

*All these items were bought by my own money. Not sponsored. πŸ˜ƒ


Hi everybody! I am super excited about Fashion Weeks in multiple cities and countries this year! I will be going to San Francisco Fashion Week this year and I can't wait to go!

The outfit I am going for today is very fun and summery even though we are getting ready for fall. The weather is still nice out. This can be a great outfit for Fashion events like Fashion Week. It could be dressed up or you can be more casual with a different jacket on. 
I am loving my peachy coral skirt from American One store in Tanforan mall, white cape blazer from, my black Valentino-inspired heels from DB Shoes in Tanforan mall, and a black bralette from eBay. 
Photographer πŸ“· = Xylia Galias 


Everybody has those days where you just want to wear comfortable clothes but still look nice too. You can pretty much wear whatever you feel is comfortable on a day you don't want to dress up so much. There are so many different outfit options you can always find when you just look through your closet/drawers and see what you have. A lot of times, we buy so much clothes that we forget that we bought them. Just the other day, I decided to reorganize my closet and drawers. I found so many clothes I want to just donate & some that I didn't remember having and will start wearing them again. You can wear can be any nice top/shirt, jeans, and any comfy shoes like sneakers, sandals, or flats. 

CHILL DAYS πŸ’­ I wore a nice mid-length sleeve shirt from De Colores with an owl necklace that came with the top. For the pants, I wore a black legging with gold pocket zippers from Forever21. For the shoes, I paired this outfit with Gold Adidas that I bought in the Hong Kong Adidas store l…


Another summer style outfit for the summer time! It was a hot day in the South Bay! There are so many different styles and outfits you can wear in the hot summer season. You can't go wrong in an all denim outfit for your look of the day. #denimondenim
I paired this Denim Jacket with a black tank top from Forever21, denim shorts, and black ankle heels from Forever21
Photography πŸ“·: Duke Ngo #Nexstudios Summer Lookbook 2015:


How is everybody's summer going? I definitely love summer because I love the sunny hot weather. You can wear a lot of different types of outfit since there is so many different styles. Some days doesn't feel like summer since San Francisco weather is very weird. There will be one day that is super hot or warm and the next day can be foggy cold. When the weather is pretty sunny and warm, you can wear any pants and a shirt. I chose to wear a sporty chic outfit because it is pretty edgy and has a very cool vibe. 
The colorful muscle tank is from Hellz Bellz ( ) | The ripped Joggers are from JimmyJazz ( | Black Shoes are from Forever21 ( 
Photography πŸ“·: Duke Ngo #Nexstudios Summer Lookbook 2015:


Summer is still here! My NEX family and I had a Beach Party at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz this past Sunday. It was super fun being with everybody, playing relay games, and just being in the moment. We definitely got a lot of pictures to capture the memories. 
Hellz Bellz Muscle tank:  This muscle tank is perfect for a hot sunny weather and get a tan. You can pair this up with jeans or jean shorts for the summer look which I did for the beach party. 
Triangl Swimwear 

My friends made a sand couch lol I gotta have a picture with this beautiful lady, Jaymie Guillena πŸ’– πŸ“·: Duke Ngo (one of the people who made the sand couch)