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Hey loves! I hope everyone is having a great day/night! There is only 6 more days until Christmas! Can you guys believe that? This year passed by so fast and it will be 2017 really soon. I'm shocked to even see me type 2017. I still need to finish doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Have you guys finish Christmas shopping for yourself, friends, and family? I have been living in sweaters and hoodies most of this month for sure. It has been really cold and raining a lot this month. California does need more rain for the environment even though I'm not a huge fan of the rain. In this outfit, I paired the sage sweater from Cotton On with a black piercing beret from Yesstyle, a black stretch-knit flared skirt from Forever21, knee high socks, and a pair of black booties from Forever21 as well. I totally love this outfit, especially the skirt. It is very affordable, chic, and a good length. I am 5'5" for reference. It is not too long and not short at all, which I love…


Today was another fall day that did not feel like fall in San Francisco. But anyways, I was never really a hat type of person, but I have been really liking them a lot more now. I especially love hats with unique details on it like this piercing beret I bought online on the website called Yesstyle. It has a lot of cool Asian fashion, which I love so much. I have a regular cap with the piercings and now I have a beret that's pretty unique looking. It is a simple beret but having those three piercings on it makes it a lot more interesting. It gives off a Parisian vibe to me. I have always wanted to travel to Paris or Europe in general. I will definitely be bringing this beret with me for my future Europe trips. I have been wearing the beret nonstop ever since I received it in the mail this week. I styled the beret with my long sleeve sweater that says "deadly" on the sleeves and my leather lace skirt with a pair of black sneakers. This is a great casual look you can wear o…


Fall is officially here and the leaves are changing. It hasn't been extremely cold here in San Francisco, but it had some rainy days and super sunny days. I have been loving these two in one dresses a lot lately. I could either wear a shirt under the cami dress or I could just wear the cami dress by itself. Depending on the weather that day, you can wear a light jacket or a warmer jacket. The cami dress is great to wear and perfect for layering more on top of it. Some days are cold but not cold enough where you can't wear a dress. That is what I love about the weather sometimes. I paired this outfit with my black patent perspex boots to dress it up a little. You could wear sneakers or flats with this outfit as well. You could wear this two in one dress all year round honestly. If it's too cold, you could wear tights and a warmer jacket over. 
Cami dress (comes with the white shirt): Jacket: my cousin's Shoes: Picture taken by: Esther @esta…


Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing great! Today, I'm going to talk about my favorite tea. For everyone who really knows me, I am obsessed with anything that's matcha green tea flavor. I have always loved it not just because of the health benefits that it has, but simply because it tastes so good. It usually helps boost my energy up if I do feel sluggish on some days. We all have those days where we do not feel like doing much that day. Maybe you pulled an all-nighter from doing school homework or went out too late at night or even playing computer games until the morning for some people. I am guilty of the computer games, mainly playing The Sims. I love green tea flavor in food and my drink. I would have my matcha green tea almost everyday during lunch hours. It would feel weird not to have it as one of my drinks for the day. I have been trying out YOUR TEA's matcha green tea for about a month or more now. I was really excited to try their matcha tea. There are so many bra…


Just being a uncial (unicorn + cat) for the day. I love sporty chic outfits. Sometimes I do get a bit lazy, but want to look like I put a lot of effort into the outfit. I usually like to wear t-shirt dresses or a simple basic top and pants. I wore a black tee dress with a little bit of mesh because it is a simple unique shirt. I paired this dress with a pair of black patent perspex boots and the adidas superstar shoes. To make the outfit a little more fun, I wore a gold cat headband. Ive been loving backpacks more than purses a lot more lately. Sometimes I don't always want to hold a purse or carry one, so having a backpack is very useful. A cute chic backpack is good to complete an outfit as well.  

Outfit Details =  Realest 1 dress: White backpack:  Gold Cat ear headband:  Black Patent Perspex Boots: Second shoes: Rose Gold + Violet tips hair by: Anna ( IG: Annacwong ) Pictures taken by: jaronxvisuals 


Summer is here, so time for some summer outfits! I've been really loving bright and pastel clothes a lot more recently. I paired this pink top with a black high waisted shorts that's perfect for the warm/hot summer weather. If it is a little chilly, you can always wear a beanie or hat and throw on a light jacket to keep yourself warmer. Sneakers are the best for every day comfort. I paired this outfit with a pair of Superstar adidas. 
Outfit Details =  Vibing top: Forever21 High Waisted Shorts: American One (Bay Area store, no online store) Adidas shoes: Originals Superstar Adidas Beanie: ASOS Ride or Tie Black Wrap Necklace: Lulus  Jenn Im's Dohee:  Colourpop


I love wearing casual wear but still look chic and put-together at the same time. Comfort for me is key in my wardrobe. I love wearing casual clothes for a fun day hanging out with some friends or your cousins/family and the dogs in the family. I wore an all white and black outfit for the day. I love tees and graphic t-shirts with some high waisted shorts. These items are easy to style for an everyday look. You just can't go wrong with these since t-shirts and shorts are staple pieces to have in everyone's closet. I paired these items with my new patent perspex heel boots from Simmi Shoes, which is a brand from London, UK. I am in love with these heel boots. These are definitely my favorite heel boots out of the shoes I currently have. It is just very unique and stylish. You can wear this shoes with any casual or formal clothes. I see some people who can pull it off with wearing it with workout clothes on. If you have the money to invest in one, then for sure get one. It is so…