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Everybody has those days where you just want to wear comfortable clothes but still look nice too. You can pretty much wear whatever you feel is comfortable on a day you don't want to dress up so much. There are so many different outfit options you can always find when you just look through your closet/drawers and see what you have. A lot of times, we buy so much clothes that we forget that we bought them. Just the other day, I decided to reorganize my closet and drawers. I found so many clothes I want to just donate & some that I didn't remember having and will start wearing them again. You can wear can be any nice top/shirt, jeans, and any comfy shoes like sneakers, sandals, or flats.  CHILL DAYS 💭 I wore a nice mid-length sleeve shirt from De Colores with an owl necklace that came with the top. For the pants, I wore a black legging with gold pocket zippers from Forever21 . For the shoes, I paired this outfit with Gold Adidas that I bought in the Hong Kong A


Another summer style outfit for the summer time! It was a hot day in the South Bay! There are so many different styles and outfits you can wear in the hot summer season. You can't go wrong in an all denim outfit for your look of the day. #denimondenim I paired this Denim Jacket with a black tank top from Forever21, denim shorts, and black ankle heels from Forever21 .  Photography 📷: Duke Ngo #Nexstudios Summer Lookbook 2015: