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Good morning loves! Today, I'll be talking about my new traveling buddy aka Calpak's Milk Marble suitcase and my personal essentials for the flight. I will talk about and show my airport outfit in a separate post. I usually travel from 3-5 times a year. I grew up so blessed to be able to travel at least once every year with my family for summer vacation. I have been to most of the west coast and east coast states, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Canada. I still have family in Hong Kong, China, and Canada so it is nice to visit them once in a while. I definitely have a long list of places I want to visit for sure. As I grew older, I have been traveling for more of work trips and trips with friends than with family. I hope to take my family on trips more because it'll be really nice for them to go somewhere for a break. For my other recent post, I said that I am going to Vegas for a bacherlorette party with the bride-to-be and our other friends briefly. This will be my fi


Hi loves! First, I'm sorry for not posting on the blog for a month. I've been busy with work, school, helping my dad with tax season (my dad does tax for his clients every year ever since I was a kid), & hanging out with family and friends. I have been posting on my Instagram a lot though. My birthday just passed on March 15th and now just preparing to go on my first bachelorette party in Vegas in just 10 days! I'm finally on spring break which is so awesome. Vegas will be my first trip of this year. I can't wait to plan more trips with family and friends for this year. I definitely want to plan a trip to Europe and/or Asia. I know a lot of my friends want to go to Europe and Asia, so now we just need to take action and actually plan the trips now.  Moving onto the outfit, this is an outfit I would wear in Europe, specifically in Paris. The pink beret gives the Parisian vibe to the outfit. I have been really obsessed with berets a lot more recently.   I wor