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Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing great! Today, I'm going to talk about my favorite tea. For everyone who really knows me, I am obsessed with anything that's matcha green tea flavor. I have always loved it not just because of the health benefits that it has, but simply because it tastes so good. It usually helps boost my energy up if I do feel sluggish on some days. We all have those days where we do not feel like doing much that day. Maybe you pulled an all-nighter from doing school homework or went out too late at night or even playing computer games until the morning for some people. I am guilty of the computer games, mainly playing The Sims. I love green tea flavor in food and my drink. I would have my matcha green tea almost everyday during lunch hours. It would feel weird not to have it as one of my drinks for the day. I have been trying out  YOUR TEA 's matcha green tea for about a month or more now. I was really excited to try their matcha tea. There are so man