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Travel Destination:  THAILAND TRAVEL DIARY 2019  ROYAL PALACE PANTS: @H&M IN THAILAND Sawadee Ka! I can finally say that I have been to Thailand! I was beyond excited to visit Thailand and plus Blackpink's Lisa is from there. Yes, I'm a BLINK . Are you? I went to Singapore first, then Malaysia, and now Thailand as my final trip destination for this Asia vacation with my family. It was my first time in all three countries and I'll definitely be back in Thailand for sure. There were still so much to explore and 5 days are not enough. We were in Thailand the longest compared to Singapore and Malaysia, but I would've stayed for another week if I could.  We arrived in Thailand early in the morning, which I was happy about. It gave us more time to explore Thailand after dropping off our luggage at the hotel. We took the pink taxi over to Chinatown to walk around for a little bit before heading over to Megabangna Shopping Centre to get some food and do so


Travel Destination: MALAYSIA TRAVEL DIARY 2019  BATU CAVES Welcome back to my travel diaries! After going to Singapore, which was our first destination of our family trip. The next stop was Malaysia and our last vacation destination to explore was Thailand. Our Singapore tour bus driver drove us to the Malaysian border to go through customs and meet our new tour guide and bus driver in the new country. When we arrived to the border, it was early afternoon. The first big thing that I noticed was that there was no tissue anywhere in Malaysia. It is like China and some part of other Asian countries where you would need to bring your own tissue or wipes to the restroom & restaurants. I was definitely not used to that culture difference at all. We went to have our first meal & dinner in Melaka before going on the Melaka River Cruise. For the next day, we were ready to explore. It looked like not only tourists were roaming around, but there were field trips happening f


Travel Destination:  SINGAPORE TRAVEL DIARY 2019              Singapore, where to even begin? Singapore is such a beautiful and clean country. It is also one of the top richest country with many millionaires live. They're the crazy rich asians and I'm the crazy broke asian. I was happy to finally visit the country where Crazy Rich Asians was filmed. I loved that movie. I was hoping to re-watch that movie on the flight, but surprisingly it wasn't one of the movies on the Singapore Air flight. I would think the movie should be added on the flight since it was filmed there.  Singapore's airport is massive and the Jewel Changi is even better in person. I was in Singapore for two nights. I traveled with my parents and my younger brother. We arrived to Singapore at night, so we got dinner at the airport while we waited for our hotel shuttle and then got a well rested night. The first full day, we were excited to explore the city. We visited some parks i