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FALLin in love with the fall πŸ’•πŸπŸ‚

FALLin in love with the fall season πŸ’•πŸπŸ‚   This is another fall outfit I love to wear. It is something that will keep you warm from day to night. But if it does get hot, you can always take off the coat and stick to wear the shirt dress. Both of these items are pretty light, but still keep you warm. To top off the look, I wore the knee high heel boots.  Fuzzy faux fur coat: @hm   Striped shirt dress: DeColores store  Knee high heel boots:  πŸ“·: @awet  FALL LOOKBOOK 2015:


πŸ‚πŸFALLπŸπŸ‚ is OFFICIALLY here even though the weather might not feel like it is right now. It is still pretty warm and hot out in California. I personally love the fall time because you get to bust out all the soft cozy clothes for the season for awhile. Something I have been obsessed with a lot recently are sweater/shirt dresses and heel booties because they look so cute. They're also great for the fall time. The sweater dress and the heel booties are very comfortable to wear out to either a casual place like hanging out with friends or casual dinner or even other fun fashion events around your area. My #OOTD:  πŸ”·  Khaki sweater dress = H&M πŸ”· Rose Gold Bracelet = H&M  πŸ”· Taupe Heel Booties = Photographer/Bestfriend: Clariza ( from glitzandglitch on Instagram )  FALL LOOKBOOK 2015: *All these items were bought by my own money. Not sponsored. πŸ˜ƒ