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How's everybody doing? I finally got to the Color Factory in downtown San Francisco today with my friend. I kept seeing other people's pictures but I now can say that I have been there. It was definitely a pretty fun experience. I loved each and every room, especially the yellow ball pit room! I really love this experience because you get to fully enjoy being there in each room. In each room, there are only about 6-10 people in there so it's not like you're competing with anyone to get space to take cool and fun pictures. They have the picture booths where you scan a card for the machine to help you take pictures. But that is always optional. You can choose to use your phone or even bring your own camera to take pictures. The staffs were helpful and super nice! At the end before you exit out of the yellow room, you get to try a small free ice cream of whatever flavors they have. I am not sure if the flavors are always the same each day or if they change it up. Yo


Summer is coming to an end slowly and the fall is approaching soon. It is time to start wearing socks at home to keep your feet warm when the weather gets even colder than it already is especially in San Francisco. I have been loving  HAPPY SOCKS  recently! I love their designs and how comfortable their socks are. If you're going to wear socks on a daily, why not get more socks with fun awesome designs on them? The socks are a little tight when I was putting the socks on, but I just should've gotten a bigger size. But other than that, I really like the material of these pair of socks. The sock's material is soft and thick enough so that it will keep  your feet feeling warm throughout the day.  Photographer:  @JARONXVISUALS FTC: HAPPY SOCKS DID SEND THESE SOCKS & A UNDERWEAR TO ME BUT OPINIONS ARE MINE. I DO ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DESIGNS AND HOW IT WEARS. 


   Hey loves! How's your day going? I have been loving sweaters and velvets a lot. I decided to purchase more of them. Sometimes there are days that has some sun but the weather can still be chilly or windy in San Francisco. You can never have enough sweaters and jackets when you're in this city. As I walked around H&M, two clothing items caught my eyes the most out of everything in the store. I saw this H&M sweater and velvet cami top together on the mannequin and I just knew I had to get them. It was screaming my name and I am so happy that I did purchase them. This is perfect because you can either layer the two or just wear them separately. For the velvet cami top, you could wear it by itself or  wear a t-shirt with it as well. There are so many different ways and options you can wear the sweater and the velvet cami top. I especially love how the sweater says "Los Angeles" because that is where I will be next week for KCON. Who else is going to