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Summer days are coming with the weather becoming warmer and warmer slowly in the Bay Area. It's time to bring out the dresses and a light top with shorts again. I can't believe that it is June. We are in the middle of the year already. Time flies by so fast that it is good to be in the moment, enjoy each day, and focus on your priorities in your life. Sometimes it is good to take breaks, but never loose sight on the goals and dreams you want to accomplish. I know I haven't been posting on social media for awhile, but social media detox can be good. I started to focus more on what I wanted to do that makes me happy and surrounding myself with people with good positive vibes.  Outfit Details = Hat: Forever21 Dress: American One (store in Tanforan Mall in SF) Boots:  Fashionnova - Walk It Out Bootie  (all sold-out) Black Booties (similar) Fallin For You Bootie (similar)   Purse:  Fashion Drug   Shot by: