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How is everybody's summer going? I definitely love summer because I love the sunny hot weather. You can wear a lot of different types of outfit since there is so many different styles. Some days doesn't feel like summer since San Francisco weather is very weird. There will be one day that is super hot or warm and the next day can be foggy cold. When the weather is pretty sunny and warm, you can wear any pants and a shirt. I chose to wear a sporty chic outfit because it is pretty edgy and has a very cool vibe.  The colorful muscle tank is from Hellz Bellz ( ) | The ripped Joggers are from JimmyJazz ( | Black Shoes are from Forever21 (  Photography πŸ“·: Duke Ngo #Nexstudios Summer Lookbook 2015:


Summer is still here! My NEX family and I had a Beach Party at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz this past Sunday. It was super fun being with everybody, playing relay games, and just being in the moment. We definitely got a lot of pictures to capture the memories.  Hellz Bellz Muscle tank:  This muscle tank is perfect for a hot sunny weather and get a tan. You can pair this up with jeans or jean shorts for the summer look which I did for the beach party.  Triangl Swimwear  My friends made a sand couch lol I gotta have a picture with this beautiful lady, Jaymie Guillena πŸ’– πŸ“·: Duke Ngo (one of the people who made the sand couch) 


Hi! This past weekend, I went to Disneyland to celebrate a friend's birthday. We all totally had a lot of fun but exhausted after being in Disneyland the whole entire day. There were 14 of us who road tripped together from San Francisco/San Jose to Anaheim. I am currently working on editing for my  Disneyland Essentials + Disneyland Outfit  YouTube video. It will be up in a few days.  So, for my outfit, I wanted to definitely wear something really comfortable. I chose to wear a white top from H&M, a black grid shorts from Forever21, and a pair of shoes from H&M. I also brought my white backpack that I bought at Forever21 as well. It was an all black and white outfit for me. This look was good for a sunny day in La.  WHITE CROP TOP: WWW.HM.COM/US IG: WHITE BACKPACK: WWW.FOREVER21.COM GRID SHORTS: WWW.FOREVER21.COM SHOES: WWW.HM.COM/US