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STYLE IT EVENT wearing: Forever21 grid shorts, black top from Express , White Valentino -inspired flats from eBay , and a yellow triangle necklace from eBay Hi! I went to the StyleItapp party/event today in downtown San Francisco at the rooftop of Cova Hotel. It was definitely really fun event to meet other fashion bloggers and fashionistas. I definitely loved everybody's fashion styles for all of the people who went to event. StyleIt is basically an app that is your personal styling assistance where you can have different options of what clothes you want to style something with and/or get style inspirations from others as well. It is a really cool and awesome app. One of the things I really like is for example if you have a birthday party or wedding to go to, you pick the date of the event and you can save a picture of the outfit you're planning on wearing on those days. I know a lot of times we don't always know what outfit to wear on a daily basis, so planning a


My yorkie, Brownie didnt like the glowsticks on her that much lol Light Painting at Golden Gate Park in SF My friends, Duke and Awet wanted to do some late night photography with some glow sticks and some lights. So, I joined them with the fun! This was our first time trying this and it was super cool and fun! We definitely want to do more of these and we will get better and better each time. It took us several tries for each of these pictures to have them turn out the way it turns out with these pictures I am posting up. The next time, I do want to try playing around with some fake smoke bombs because it would look super awesome in pictures and in videos. INSTAGRAM: TAMMYXLEE BUTTERFLY QUEEN TAMMY OF THE KPOP WORLD INSTAGRAM: AWET INSTAGRAM: DUKKEENGO ( Photographer of NEX STUDIOS )


Purple purse I bought from ( for a video unwrapping this purse from the mail ) This was such a fun and awesome photoshoot to do at this playground called Gellert Park in Daly City, CA. I think some of the kids wanted to be in the background of the camera. I really loved how everything turned out at the end looking at all the pictures because this purse and the outfit together is seriously amazing! I believe that if you have a simple outfit or a boring outfit, you can totally have this purse with you to make your look stand out a lot more. There is different colors you can choose if you don't want a purple one. The colors they have are red, yellow, red, and purple. I absolutely love this purse because its so unique. People say it reminds them of Blue's Clues or says its fake, but it is definitely not.   Stylist: Clariza M ( ) Photographer: Clariza M * This post isn't sponsored