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 I LOVE HONG KONG <3 Who gets really excited and can't sleep the night before you go travel somewhere like I do? I'm not sure if that is just only me or can anybody else relate to me? I love traveling. My goal and wish is to travel around the world. There is so much memories and experiences you can have through traveling to different places. I love how the buildings, environment, culture, food, fashion, music, etc are so different everywhere. I love meeting new people as well. Why not make friends in different countries? I think that is an awesome thing. My all time favorite place I have been to so far would probably be Hong Kong. It was hard for me to narrow down a lot of places I've been to, but I'm glad I chose Hong Kong. I have been there many times before and each time I go, theres always the huge excitement where I cannot wait to be there already. I don't get to go to Hong Kong every year, but I wish one day I can. The last time I visited Hong Kong wa


Image I have been LOVING COLOURPOP so much! I wear their products almost everyday ever since I received them in the mail. Every time somebody compliments and ask what lip product I use, I have been telling them Colourpop's ultra matte lip. I have never really been into wear any lipsticks or lip products, but things changed after I tried Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lip. I really like them a lot. Even though they do dry your lips, it doesn't feel like my lips are dry since I always put chapstick on first. It doesn't transfer onto things either, which is always a plus. And Colourpop has many different lip colors to fit your liking. I only have 3 of their Ultra Matte Lips, 2 of their eyeshadows, & 1 of their highlighters, but I will be getting more of them for sure. My favorite out of the 3 ultra matte lips would definitely be BEEPER and I love all the eyeshadow and highlighter colors that they have on their website. Their eyeshadows and highlighters a