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I love wearing casual wear but still look chic and put-together at the same time. Comfort for me is key in my wardrobe. I love wearing casual clothes for a fun day hanging out with some friends or your cousins/family and the dogs in the family. I wore an all white and black outfit for the day. I love tees and graphic t-shirts with some high waisted shorts. These items are easy to style for an everyday look. You just can't go wrong with these since t-shirts and shorts are staple pieces to have in everyone's closet. I paired these items with my new patent perspex heel boots from Simmi Shoes, which is a brand from London, UK. I am in love with these heel boots. These are definitely my favorite heel boots out of the shoes I currently have. It is just very unique and stylish. You can wear this shoes with any casual or formal clothes. I see some people who can pull it off with wearing it with workout clothes on. If you have the money to invest in one, then for sure get one. It is


Rompers are great for the spring and summer season. I have been loving different romper designs like this floral romper I am wearing for this outfit. Styling a romper is always fun and simple. You can pair a romper with sneakers, ankle boots, boots, or heels depending how you want your outfit to be. It can give off a very casual feel or you can be dressed up as well. OUTFIT DETAILS =  Floral Romper:  PHOTOGRAPHER = FABIO (IG: dfvbio )