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Spring time is here! March flew by so quick and April is coming in just a few days! I am hoping for a lot more warm and hot weather. Being in San Francisco, the weather is pretty bipolar, but we can always make things work. The sun has been out more recently but it is still windy and really cold at night time.  For this outfit, I wanted to have more of a Spring vibe since it's Spring now. Florals are great for this season. I paired a floral  plunge vneck shirt with a black jean shorts. This is great outfit for any nice sunny day. It is really casual and comfortable to wear all day. If it gets cold, you can throw on a jacket or a coat depending on how cold the weather might be.  Outfit Details =  Floral top: Black jean shorts: White cardigan: Floral hairpiece: Shoes: Purple hair by:  Anna W  &  hairbysan_anna Picture taken by:  Esther L      


Everyone! I'm a YG Trainee now! *just kidding* I wish I was a YG trainee or just a trainee in general. I can't sing or dance like the kpop idols.  Who else loves Kpop here? Which entertainment company is your favorite? Mine is YG of course from the crew I bought. But this crew makes me feel like I am a trainee whenever I wear it though. I can be a trainee in my own world.  This crew sweater is so nice and comfy. It is something you can wear any day. You can wear it in the fall, spring, or the winter. It might be a little too warm to wear the crew on super hot days during summer, but you can lift the sleeves part up or just don't wear this in the super hot weather. This can definitely be an everyday piece to your casual days. Depending on your day, you can seriously pair this crew with any bottoms you want to wear that day. You can pair it with jeans, jean shorts, a skirt, leggings, etc. For your shoes, you can wear flats, heels, wedges, sneakers, or booties. But


Today, March 15th is my Birthday! So grateful for everything in my life! I want to accomplish even more of my goals this year. I want to travel around the world more, connecting with more amazing people, spend more time with my family/friends, and so much more.  In today's outfit, I decided to wear a more daring or sophiscated look especially for the blouse. I don't usually wear these types of blouse, but I thought I would try it. So I bought one for myself.  I have been loving these neck cutout blouses that I see everywhere. It gives a mature and sophiscated look to it. I paired the blouse with a black high waisted shorts, and a pair of white heel boots that stands out in the crowd. If the day or night is cold, throw on a nice coat to complete the look as well.  Outfit Details=  Cutout blouse: High Waisted Shorts: American One ( a store in the Bay Area )  Heel booties: Linda-21 at Plaid Coat:  Purple hair by: my cousin's friend, Anna (


"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant"  We are getting ready for the spring time and denim clothes are a great way to start off the new season of the year. Styling your outfit with a denim look is a great piece for all year round. I don't know anybody who doesn't like denim. You can always dress your denim outfits to look more dressed-up or a casual/comfy vibe.  For this casual chic look, I wore a denim romper, bomber jacket, and white heel boots. This is perfect outfit for any nice sunny days, hanging out with friends/family, or brunch. Outfit:  Bomber Jacket = Denim romper = White heel bootie = LINDA-21 BOOTIE Lip Color = Ultra Satin Lips in 'Marshmallow'  Makeup & Photographer = Clariza ( ) Location = Legion of Hon