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Epik High Concert! πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Photo cred of this Epik High pic: IG @saammyyuu
Epik High concert tour 2015 The Warfield in downtown San Francisco =============================
I have always wanted to go to Korean group concerts. And that early afternoon, I got a text from a good friend of mine who knows I'm obsessed with the Korean culture, Kpop, and dramas. My friend asked me if I wanted to go to the Epik High Concert because they had an extra ticket! So I decided to go and that was the highlight of my day on May 28th! I met some awesome new friends there as well! Epik High concert was held at The Warfield in downtown San Francisco. I waited 3 hours in line to go inside! It was cold but I'm glad I waited because my friends and I got to be in front of the stage, which is the VIP area! This was definitely an awesome 1st concert despite the fact that so many people kept pushing each other to get closer up to the stage. But loved every single moment of the concert! My wish is to be able to travel to South Korea…


Hey everyone! So tonight, I got the chance to go to an event called Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in downtown San Francisco at Macy's. I actually invited my bestfriend/stylist, Clariza, to come along with me to this event. If you want to know more about different fashion events, check out Eventbrite, because that's where I find out a lot of events I do go to in San Francisco. But there are a lot of different events all over in everybody's city/state. It was an amazing event because I got to meet NIGEL BARKER! And if you don't know who he is, he is somebody who was a model but now a professional photographer and one of the judges of America's Next Top Model for 9 years! I have always watched that show hoping one day I will be a model. But of course hoping won't do any good if you don't go out there and take action to be a model. Let's turn that "impossible" to " I'm Possible!" I got to know more of his story on how his car…


Since it is spring time right now and summer is almost here also, why not pick an All White Outfit to wear for the day. It just looks really fresh, classy, simple, yet complete. I think it definitely looks great in the day time. You can spice it up with some bold lipstick/lipgloss like I have on here in these pictures and either gold and/or silver accessories to go with the all white look. Just have fun with it! 


My family and I went to Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau all in about almost 3 weeks for the summer in 2014. I love to travel. I think it kind of runs in the family because the whole family enjoys the adventures and experiences of different places around the world. I like to post about my travels because they are like diaries for me to look back and remember those feelings of when I did travel there and but to share some of my experiences with you all too. 
The weather was pretty hot there but it did rain on a few days. Their rain is not like in San Francisco though, which was good. It wasn't that cold. After touring all around Japan in one short week with my family, it was time for us to leave. But we weren't leaving to go back home just yet. After we got settled into my uncle and aunt's place in Discovery Bay. It was still pretty early, so we went to this shopping mall not too far away at Tung Chung. This time we did not go on a tour like we did for Japan. So, we were just pla…


I am loving this outfit and style so much! This outifit looks amazing when you pair up denim and leather together. It just looks really edgy and chic. I think the faux fur just spices the look up a little more but still looks classy. I don't normally wear faux fur, but I would say its a piece of clothing that you would for sure want to have if you live in San Francisco or any other places that can get really cold. The San Francisco weather can be really cold, especially at night time. You will definitely needs something fluffy and comfortable to wear. For this look, you can easily transition this look for the day time and night time without having to change the whole outfit if you ever don't feel like going back home to change into something else. But it could depend on where you're planning on going at night time too. 

I also have a quick little lookbook on my youtube channel ( ) I am still pretty new at making videos, but I really do enjo…


I was a model for my best friend, Clariza and her classmates last year in 2014 for this photoshoot project they had to do in Oakland. I love that there could be so many different ways to style and make different pieces from just one dress with different accessories to fit the theme of what you want your outfits you have in mind.  For this top picture, the theme for this is more of the 80's/90's,  sophisticated, and classy style. I absolutely love this look and it reminds me of  the fashion style in The Notebook. But I think this look is just a little more modern. But overall, this photoshoot was really fun and I learned some things about fashion and styling. I am still learning but it always starts from somewhere. 


This was where it started to begin my big passion in modeling, fashion blogging, and youtubing now. My best friend/fashion stylist, Clariza, needed some models for her fashion styling class for a runway show as one of their class projects. This was on April 29, 2014 and the show was called "La Rebellion." So, I just decided to just go for it! After getting to the school cafeteria where they held the fashion show at and getting all the makeup done, I was starting to really get nervous because so many students showed up there to eat and show support for their friends who were in the class. I was a very shy girl. It usually takes me awhile to open up to people and I was definitely scared as the time to walk down the runway was almost time. They put me as the first person to start the show, it was petrifying for me for sure. But after going down the runway a few times, I just started to loosen up and kind of forgot that there's a lot of students watching us. (P.S. All the mo…