Who gets really excited and can't sleep the night before you go travel somewhere like I do? I'm not sure if that is just only me or can anybody else relate to me? I love traveling. My goal and wish is to travel around the world. There is so much memories and experiences you can have through traveling to different places. I love how the buildings, environment, culture, food, fashion, music, etc are so different everywhere. I love meeting new people as well. Why not make friends in different countries? I think that is an awesome thing. My all time favorite place I have been to so far would probably be Hong Kong. It was hard for me to narrow down a lot of places I've been to, but I'm glad I chose Hong Kong. I have been there many times before and each time I go, theres always the huge excitement where I cannot wait to be there already. I don't get to go to Hong Kong every year, but I wish one day I can. The last time I visited Hong Kong was in the summer time of 2014. I have thought about going to college or staying in Hong Kong for maybe 1 year before. It would be a good experience to be able to do that. I can speak and understand Cantonese, but I am not as fluent as I used to be. Going back to Hong Kong helped me get back to using more Cantonese since its Hong Kong, not America. My family and I stayed at my uncle's & aunt's place in Discovery Bay, which is so beautiful there because you it is close to the ocean over there. When you go to Hong Kong, you can tell that there's a lot more very tall building apartments and condos than houses. I love their delicious food and desserts. They're just everywhere you go. There are many little shops with tents out in the streets where you can find cheaper clothes too. My family and I definitely did some shopping there for sure. I also love their train/subway station because they're pretty easy to follow since they have Chinese & English signs with arrows showing the way everywhere. There's blinking lights to show you which stop you're at and what is the next stop. I thought that was really awesome. What I love about Hong Kong's train stations is that they have arrows on the ground showing which side you stand on to get into the train. The other side is for people getting off the train so that people aren't pushing each other trying to get on and off the train. I believe that I can survive going on their trains if I were to travel back to Hong Kong on my own. There are definitely still a lot of places I haven't been able to explore even though I've been to Hong Kong more than once. 


MTR in Hong Kong train stations 
Hong Kong is a very beautiful place with a lot of things you can do there. If you get the chance to visit Hong Kong, you should definitely go take the Peak tram all the way to the top the Victoria Peak. There are a few peaks in Hong Kong, but I especially love the Victoria Peak where you can see the city of Hong Kong and the Victoria Harbour from very high up. The view looks amazing at night with all the lights on throughout all of Hong Hong. There are gift shops, restaurants, dessert places, and a wax museum up there as well. You can see that most tourists and even local Hong Kong residents loves to go there.

Peak Tram

Victoria Peak 

Another place you can check out are their museums in Hong Kong. There are a lot of different types of museums you can explore and learn at. The one my family, aunt, uncle, and I went to was where we learned more of the creation of HK in Geological Time. It is always nice to see and learn about different cities and countries. 

Riding cable cars can be fun, but scary at the same time when you're looking at how high you're going up. Another tourist place to go is the Ngong Ping 360 on the Lantau Island. You can find the Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha on this Island. There are tons of stairs to get to the top of where the Buddha is. You can for sure get a lot of good workout climbing those stairs up to the Buddha.  The Ngong Ping Village has the restaurants, shops, and an international cable car gallery of replicas of many other countries.    

Avenue of Stars ( like the Hollywood Walk of Fame ) 

There are definitely a lot more I can write about, but this post would be way too long. These are just some of the things why I love Hong Kong. There are so much more reasons to love it and I hope to go back to Hong Kong again. I guarantee that everybody who goes to Hong Kong for vacation, moving to Hong Kong, studying abroad, or even switching jobs to work in Hong Kong WILL FALL IN LOVE like how I did. 

Where is your favorite place that you have left your heart in? You can check out GetYourGuide.com and the #ILEFTMYHEARTCAMPAIGN for some ideas of where your next vacation destination can be at and attractions you can visit there. There are about 5 more months to start looking and planning a mini or long vacation in the summer time. Or you can even vacation whenever you want to. It doesn't have to be in the summer time. =)  


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