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Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing great! Today, I'm going to talk about my favorite tea. For everyone who really knows me, I am obsessed with anything that's matcha green tea flavor. I have always loved it not just because of the health benefits that it has, but simply because it tastes so good. It usually helps boost my energy up if I do feel sluggish on some days. We all have those days where we do not feel like doing much that day. Maybe you pulled an all-nighter from doing school homework or went out too late at night or even playing computer games until the morning for some people. I am guilty of the computer games, mainly playing The Sims. I love green tea flavor in food and my drink. I would have my matcha green tea almost everyday during lunch hours. It would feel weird not to have it as one of my drinks for the day. I have been trying out YOUR TEA's matcha green tea for about a month or more now. I was really excited to try their matcha tea. There are so many brands everywhere that has green tea, so I wanted to try Your Tea when they reached out to me to try it. Your Tea has a lot of different tea options you can get. There are a few categories that you can look at to choose what tea you would want. There are the detox teas, cafe teas, and the wellness teas which the matcha tea is under. And once I saw that they have matcha tea, I had to get this one. When you open the package, you get a Matcha Tea Guide Book that has a lot of information about matcha tea, a bamboo whisk, and of course the tea packets. It lists out the benefits, where it came from, and some recipes you can make with the matcha powder with these little packets. A big plus is that the packaging of this box is really cute and so neatly organized, which I love. It will definitely protect the matcha from getting any sunlight or you can just make sure to store it where there is not light or heat.  

The first time I tried this matcha tea, it did taste a bit strong and bitter for me. You can add a little bit of sweetener if you feel like it is bitter to you. The matcha tea is in powder form, so I would say to be careful when you open the packets up. You get 25 packets in your box. The bamboo whisk makes it easy to blend the matcha powder with the hot water. I usually make my tea hot, but you can choose to make a cold matcha tea drink as well. There are different recipes like a matcha bowl with fruits or coconut matcha latte that you can make from the guide book using the matcha powders. All of the recipes look and tastes amazing for sure. You can be experimental and make up your own recipe using the matcha powders. That is always a lot of fun. 

There are so many benefits that matcha has. These matcha powders that you are getting in these packets are organic green tea leaves directly from Japan. They grind the green tea leaves to make the matcha powder so that it is more concentrated. It is packed with antioxidants to help protect the body. It helps with your energy, immunity, weight loss or maintaining your weight, and better digestion. I know that matcha green tea has always helped me maintain my weight. Now, the loosing more weight is what I am still working on by trying to go exercise and eating better more. 

Overall, I personally really enjoyed Your Tea's matcha tea. It can be a bit strong just by itself when you put the hot water and the whole bag of powder, but you can make something else with the powder  too. I am definitely getting more matcha tea or I might even try purchasing their other teas. There are a lot of good tea selections I really do want to get soon. And if you would like to check out their tea selections, it's at 

xo Tammy <3