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Good morning loves! Today, I'll be talking about my new traveling buddy aka Calpak's Milk Marble suitcase and my personal essentials for the flight. I will talk about and show my airport outfit in a separate post. I usually travel from 3-5 times a year. I grew up so blessed to be able to travel at least once every year with my family for summer vacation. I have been to most of the west coast and east coast states, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Canada. I still have family in Hong Kong, China, and Canada so it is nice to visit them once in a while. I definitely have a long list of places I want to visit for sure. As I grew older, I have been traveling for more of work trips and trips with friends than with family. I hope to take my family on trips more because it'll be really nice for them to go somewhere for a break. For my other recent post, I said that I am going to Vegas for a bacherlorette party with the bride-to-be and our other friends briefly. This will be my first time ever going on a bachelorette trip. I am not sure what to really expect but I know it'll be super fun. It is going to be a short weekend trip, but we will make the most of it while being there. 

I have been looking for a new suitcase for awhile and I came across this Astyll Milk Marble carry-on size from CALPAK. I saw this from other blogger's Instagram feed and I knew I had to get this as well. I am obsessed with marble. I have a white marble MacBook pro laptop case that I got as a Christmas gift from a friend and I have a rose gold marble phone case from VELVET CAVIAR. I just think it is so pretty and nice to look at. It is definitely stylish for sure. You rarely see someone with a cute stylish marble suitcase, so this can be a plus when you are trying to spot your suitcase if you check your suitcase in. I love this suitcase not just because it is marble color, but it has better functions than my other suitcase I've had ever since I was younger. This new suitcase is a carry-on size but it gives me more space to put my clothes, shoes, and other items. I never had a suitcase where you could put items on both sides, so I am beyond happy about this purchase. The cost of this suitcase can be expensive to some people, but for me this suitcase is a great investment. Calpak gives you a 2 year warranty as well. If you are someone who travels a lot, you won't be disappointed with this purchase. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I bought this suitcase myself and I absolutely love it!  
This is the only picture that isn't mine. This is from Calpak's website. I actually packed for my Vegas trip already and didn't want to take everything out. This is how the inside of the suitcase looks like.
This is how the TSA lock looks like
Let's move on to my flight essentials now. For me personally, I love to bring my backpack instead of a purse. I find it easier to carry everything you want to have while being on the plane or waiting to board the plane. You can use any backpack you like to bring. To make it easier to remember what to bring in your personal purse/bag/backpack and packing your suitcase is to have a checklist. Having a checklist of items you need to bring is a definite essential to make sure you have everything you need so you do not forget anything. 

The items I usually pack in my backpack are:
  • wallet with your ID and/or passport 
  • my FRENDS headphone/earphone
  • iPad/laptop
  • portable charger (some planes, especially international flights, have a charging port to charge your phone, but you'll need one for when you're traveling around during your trip anyways)
  • phone charging cord
  • Canon g7x camera (I might pack my polaroid camera as well) 
  • some snacks to eat on the flight
  • For long flights that are maybe 5+ hours, I like to bring Korean sheet masks. I also purchased COSRX's moisture up pad to try for the first time & to keep my face moisturized after the plane ride. I love trying Korean skin care products. 
  • comfortable neck pillow for long flights only
If you want to try COSRX's product, you can purchase it at MEMEBOX's website. ( Click Memebox to directly link you to shop the product ) 

What are some of your flight essentials? I would love to know! =) 

xoxo Tammy 


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