Hey everyone! It has been so long since I have blogged, but I wanted to document checking off one of my dream goals that I have had for a long time. I have wanted to purchase myself my own Chanel bag for several years and slowly saved up money for it. I was lucky to have a cousin who is like an older sister to me to buy my first Chanel boy wallet for my 27th birthday few years ago. I have always wanted either a black small classic flap or a black mini rectangular bag. I could have bought a small classic bag a few years ago. I do not have any debt but I thought I should save up even more money since Chanel bags are expensive. I finally decided to purchase my first Chanel bag for my big 30th birthday this year on March 15th. It's a huge milestone for me.

So, I ended up purchasing the 22P black mini flap bag with top handle which is so hard to find. I was able to have an awesome Chanel SA at the Stanford Shopping Mall's Neiman Marcus Chanel in Palo Alto. My Chanel SA and I had the same Blackpink phone case the day I went to the store which was on February 18, 2022. I never had a Chanel SA and I'm glad that I was able to have a Chanel SA now. I told him I wanted a black mini rectangle for my first Chanel and as my birthday gift to myself this year. They unfortunately did not have any but about 3 weeks later, my Chanel SA texted me while I was working from home that they received a black mini with top handle. They could not hold it or let me buy it over the phone, so the next morning, I got to the store at 7:30AM. Neiman Marcus does not open until 10AM but I was too excited and wanted to make sure I could get my bag. It is first come first serve policy. This was the biggest purchase I have ever done at once. But this is what I wanted. I officially bought my own Chanel bag on March 9, 2022 for my birthday.

22P Black Chanel Mini Flap Bag with Top Handle with light gold hardware 
Price: $4800* 
(* As of currently in March 2022 & after tax, it's a little over $5000)

I am mainly looking for a nice pair of earrings for now

I have uploaded a youtube video: First Chanel Bag Unboxing / Vlog & showing what fits and my essential things I definitely need when I go out. I am so excited and trying to wear it as much as I can on days where I am not working from home or working from the office on some days.

*Disclaimer: I bought the Chanel bag with my own money.

Zoomoni organizer in heather gray

Brownie approves of my Chanel bag lol

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