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Just being a uncial (unicorn + cat) for the day. I love sporty chic outfits. Sometimes I do get a bit lazy, but want to look like I put a lot of effort into the outfit. I usually like to wear t-shirt dresses or a simple basic top and pants. I wore a black tee dress with a little bit of mesh because it is a simple unique shirt. I paired this dress with a pair of black patent perspex boots and the adidas superstar shoes. To make the outfit a little more fun, I wore a gold cat headband. Ive been loving backpacks more than purses a lot more lately. Sometimes I don't always want to hold a purse or carry one, so having a backpack is very useful. A cute chic backpack is good to complete an outfit as well.  

Outfit Details = 
Realest 1 dress:
White backpack: 
Gold Cat ear headband: 
Black Patent Perspex Boots:
Second shoes:
Rose Gold + Violet tips hair by: Anna ( IG: Annacwong )
Pictures taken by: jaronxvisuals