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Fall is officially here and the leaves are changing. It hasn't been extremely cold here in San Francisco, but it had some rainy days and super sunny days. I have been loving these two in one dresses a lot lately. I could either wear a shirt under the cami dress or I could just wear the cami dress by itself. Depending on the weather that day, you can wear a light jacket or a warmer jacket. The cami dress is great to wear and perfect for layering more on top of it. Some days are cold but not cold enough where you can't wear a dress. That is what I love about the weather sometimes. I paired this outfit with my black patent perspex boots to dress it up a little. You could wear sneakers or flats with this outfit as well. You could wear this two in one dress all year round honestly. If it's too cold, you could wear tights and a warmer jacket over. 

Cami dress (comes with the white shirt):
Jacket: my cousin's
Picture taken by: Esther @estar528