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JAPAN June 9-15, 2014Visited: 
Narita -
Tokyo & Higashisanrizuka
Hakone, Ashigarashimo-Gun, Shizuoka 
Chou-ku, Osaka, Sennan & Yokkaichi
My family and I went to Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau all in about almost 3 weeks for the summer in 2014. I love to travel. I think it kind of runs in the family because the whole family enjoys the adventures and experiences of different places around the world. I like to post about my travels because they are like diaries for me to look back and remember those feelings of when I did travel there and but to share some of my experiences with you all too. 
Kinkaku-ji temple
The weather was pretty hot there but it did rain on a few days. Their rain is not like in San Francisco though, which was good. It wasn't that cold. After touring all around Japan in one short week with my family, it was time for us to leave. But we weren't leaving to go back home just yet. 
Arrived at my uncle and aunt's place really high up at Discovery Bay in Hong Kong :)
June 15-25, 2014
After we got settled into my uncle and aunt's place in Discovery Bay. It was still pretty early, so we went to this shopping mall not too far away at Tung Chung. This time we did not go on a tour like we did for Japan. So, we were just planning out the rest of our days in Hong Kong. We met up with my mom's friends who all still lives in Hong Kong. They're definitely really fun to be around with and they are just awesome people! We actually went to Macau, which is like an Asian Vegas basically, with my family and a few of my mom's friends for 2 days. After the 2 days, we just went to other cities to shop, eat, and go for more adventures in Hong Kong. There was this one day where my uncle and aunt didn't have work, so they took my brother and I to this place called Room Escape games where you have to solve puzzles to try to escape the rooms. It is a very fun game that everybody should try at least once in their lifetime! 

We took the Peak Tram all the way to the VICTORIA PEAK
Ruins of St. Paul's in Macau
Senado Square in Macau
AVENUE OF STARS (Asian celebrities)


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