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 "La Rebellion"
This was where it started to begin my big passion in modeling, fashion blogging, and youtubing now. My best friend/fashion stylist, Clariza, needed some models for her fashion styling class for a runway show as one of their class projects. This was on April 29, 2014 and the show was called "La Rebellion." So, I just decided to just go for it! After getting to the school cafeteria where they held the fashion show at and getting all the makeup done, I was starting to really get nervous because so many students showed up there to eat and show support for their friends who were in the class. I was a very shy girl. It usually takes me awhile to open up to people and I was definitely scared as the time to walk down the runway was almost time. They put me as the first person to start the show, it was petrifying for me for sure. But after going down the runway a few times, I just started to loosen up and kind of forgot that there's a lot of students watching us. (P.S. All the models that day are NOT professional but just doing it for their friends. We were pretty nervous.) It was definitely a great experience I cant forget because I did meet some amazing people there and it made me get out of my comfort zone. It was something that I was not used it doing. But after the show ended, it was not that bad at all. I actually enjoyed it. 

* You can connect with Clariza through her Instagram @_clarizamar and/or her blog site called on fashion, beauty, and makeup posts.

Walking down the runway at CCSF 

I made it on CCSF's Newspaper about the Fashion Show!