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Denim shirt (Kardashian Kollection), Leather skirt (Kardashian Kollection), Fur Vest (Jennifer Lopez), Purse (Metaphor from Sears), Ankle Strap Heels (Reflection store)

I am loving this outfit and style so much! This outifit looks amazing when you pair up denim and leather together. It just looks really edgy and chic. I think the faux fur just spices the look up a little more but still looks classy. I don't normally wear faux fur, but I would say its a piece of clothing that you would for sure want to have if you live in San Francisco or any other places that can get really cold. The San Francisco weather can be really cold, especially at night time. You will definitely needs something fluffy and comfortable to wear. For this look, you can easily transition this look for the day time and night time without having to change the whole outfit if you ever don't feel like going back home to change into something else. But it could depend on where you're planning on going at night time too. 

I also have a quick little lookbook on my youtube channel ( ) I am still pretty new at making videos, but I really do enjoy making them for you all so much! <3
Lipstick I am wearing: Sophia Chang's  (@Fashionista804 ) "KIMCHI DOLL" from Gerard Cosmetics 

Photographer: Clariza (@_clarizamar ; ) 
Stylist: Clariza 


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Hello everyone! I hope  everyone had a great day! I love the fall season and I'm so excited for more fun holidays coming up soon! Some days feels like summer still here in San Francisco, but it is okay. Once the sun goes down, you will need layers of clothes on. Does anyone know what you'll be for Halloween this year? I'm thinking maybe a iced match latte Starbucks drink as my costume. 

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