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❤  J'AIME LE ROUGE, which means "I love red." I took 4 years of French in high school but don't remember much of the language. I have been into the color red for this fall. This color is really growing on me. My wardrobe didn't have that much red until recently. It is definitely a bold color that makes you stand out when you're out doing your daily life things. Red is definitely a color that is on trend currently as you can see from watching New York Fashion Week. I wish I could've been at New York Fashion Week or even Paris Fashion Week. Going to them would be a dream come true and I am going to re-make a new mood board/dream board to make sure I keep working towards accomplishing my goals this year and next year. I have a lot I want to achieve and having a mood board or what I love to call it, a dream board, to keep myself reminded. 

I wore this flaming hot red pants with a black turtleneck sweater, ankle boots,  retro sunglasses, pierced ring beret, and snakeskin purse. It gives me a lot of Parisian feels wearing this outfit. It makes me want to go to Paris so much more. This outfit is perfect for hanging out with your friends, daily errands, girls night out, or even dinner with friends.

Outfit details with direct links
Nasty gal pants: Bag it high-waisted pants
Nasty Gal crossbody: Snakeskin Print Crossbody
Forever21 turtleneck: Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater
Yesstyle Pierced Ring Beret = Beret 

Hair dyed by: