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And just like that, it is already Jan 18, 2017. Time flies by really fast. It is no longer 2016, but 2017 will be even better. It is a new start to focus more on the things you really want to focus a lot more this new year. I definitely spend more time with family and friends since I do plan on moving to so cal towards the end of 2017. One of the things I want to focus more this year is strengthening my friendships with friends, family, and as well as making new friends. 

I have been loving watches recently. I do not wear watches that often, but that is not the case with this white Volare Rainbow watch in 42mm from Klasse14. I have been wearing this almost nonstop everyday. It is very unique and I have never seen any watches like this. I love that it is rainbow color and is very unicorn vibe. They are based in Asia and has some of the cutest and fashionable watches ever! You would definitely love it so much that you would not want to stop wearing this watch. You can pair this watch with any outfit. The band is white and it looks very sleek and clean. The band is 20mm customized top grade genuine Italian leather. 

This is the perfect gift for your significant other, friends, and/or family. I would get this watch as a birthday gift, future Christmas present, a gift for yourself. I have the Rainbow Volare in white but there is a Rainbow Volare in black as well. This would be very nice as a couple watch, matching with your bestfriend, or even matching with family members. 

Valentine's Day is coming up next month. For all the couples out there, you can have a matching watch. Klasse14 was awesome enough  to give you all a 12% discount on your purchase. Use my code " tammy14 "at checkout on It is free shipping worldwide. <3 

This is a picture from KLASSE14's website of the black Rainbow Volare watch 

xoxo Tammy 


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