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Hey everyone! I know I haven't really been posting on the blog or even on my social media platforms, especially Instagram. I just have been feeling unmotivated to make contents. I know I should not blame Instagram's constant change in the algorithm, but it really makes me question myself a lot. I know that I'm not the only blogger that this happens to or feel this way. Even youtubers go through something like this when their views suddenly drop a lot more. I'm not sure if anyone is going to read this post, but if anyone does, I truly appreciate you for supporting me. I know that I shouldn't care too much about how many likes I get for my post, but I do not understand why I'm not gaining more likes that I know the photos/contents deserve. All of the photos are amazing quality and I take the time and effort on my off days from work to create new contents to post. I ask myself these questions on a daily: Do people not like me? Do people really don't like the contents I'm posting? What's wrong with the photos I post on Instagram? Or are my photos not showing up on people's feed? All I know is that when celebrities, bloggers, and youtubers who are super successful can post something so random or even a blank picture, they'll always get thousands or millions of likes/comments instantly. I just have to get pass thinking about this and just really focusing on my dreams and goals I want to achieve for the rest of this year and definitely make more new year goals for next year 2018! It's time to motivate myself and make myself feel happier.

  I made a dream board/mood board before, but I thought that I would make a new updated goal's list for myself for this post to help me remind myself to stay focused on achieving my goals. It is time to get motivated again and make my goals come true.  


The Rest of 2017 & 2018 ❥ (will keep updating)
⦾ Start refresh for my youtube channel
- Christmas Day vlog 
-> Jan 1st New Year's Resolution video
-> New Year's Day vlog
-> Fashion Lookbooks
-> Fashion hauls
⦾ Post new contents at least 3-6 times a week on Instagram
⦾ Keep saving up enough money to move to Los Angeles with my dog, Brownie
⦾ Be invited to NYFW shows
⦾ Go to Seoul Fashion Week 
⦾ Connect with more other bloggers and creators in this industry

 ❥ More goals to achieve within 5 years
⦾ Upgrade from my mazda3 to my dream car: white BMW i8
⦾ Buy my own house in La 
⦾ Be invited to Paris Fashion Week shows